The mystery of the missing socks

It’s one of life’s eternal questions – where do all the socks go? Even with the best will in the world, it is a fact of life that you will end up with an odd sock. Where on earth do they go? Nobody knows!

While we cannot find those that are already lost in the world of washing, we can help you to avoid losing any more.

•    Prepare socks before washing by pairing them up and placing them in the washing machine together so you know they’ve both gone in the same wash.
•    When removing washing, check everywhere in the machine to ensure no socks have been lost along the door seal or at the back of the washing machine drum. 
•    Use a net washing bag which you can pop your socks in or tie together with a hair band so that they stay together in the wash.

If you have lots of lonely socks, don’t just throw them away. Fill them with lavender or dried flowers and place in a draw to keep clothes smelling nice or decorate with googly eyes and red felt tongues to create fun puppet creatures.