Springtime home fragrances

Now the days are longer and lighter we’re really starting to notice all the spring cleaning that needs to be done! Of course, letting the fresh, spring air into the home is an essential part of the spring cleaning process but to help keep everything smelling sweet a diffuser can be a very effective addition.

In just a few easy steps you can create a diffuser with your choice of fragrance and even select different essences according to each room in order to maximise the benefits of different fragrances on the body and mind. 

In the bedroom, for example, fragrances like camomile, lime and lavender will help you to relax and get a good sleep, while stronger fragrances like sandalwood, pine and magnolia can give you an energy boost in living spaces. For the kitchen and bathroom you need something light and fresh so it’s good to stick with natural fragrances like lemon and mint.

The most popular ways to fragrance your home are with a spray or with a diffuser with sticks. For 500ml of spray you will need 10ml of alcohol and 20 drops of the essential oil that you have chosen. Pour the liquids into a spray diffuser, shake well and that’s it! If you’re planning to spray directly onto a surface or near any upholstery make sure you test the spray on a small, out-of-sight area first or use bicarbonate of soda with 10 drops of essence in warm water instead of the alcohol so as not to cause any damage. 

You can also use this spray to scent storage areas by spraying the fragrance on sheets of paper and using the paper to line your drawers, keeping things fresh even when they are not being used.

To assemble a diffuser with sticks, use an alcohol-based mixture of one part alcohol to three parts water plus 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Place in a glass container with a narrow neck so that the fragrance doesn’t evaporate too quickly and add as many wooden sticks as you can. The sticks will slowly absorb the liquid and then fragrance the room. Turn the sticks after two weeks and then replace the liquid and sticks after one month.