Seasonal ideas for the home

Autumn brings with it a riot of colour which can easily be embraced and brought into the home.

For Halloween there’s no need to resort to black plastic witches’ hats and synthetic spray-on cobwebs when nature can provide everything you need. It’s traditional to carve pumpkins and fill with candles as decoration but why not use some of the other vegetables in your weekly shop to create a colourful display. Try arranging red or yellow peppers and orange butternut squash with deep purple aubergines in a basket and adding a few golden brown leaves from the garden for a table-top feature. 

You can also use leaves, berries, pine cones and seasonal flowers to create a beautiful wreath for your front door in just a few simple steps. All you will need is a wire wreath frame, florist wire and brown garden twine or ribbon as well as your seasonal foliage.

1)    Separate your leaves and berries into small bunches. Lay each bunch in the middle of a 20cm length of florist wire and twist the middle section around the stems.
2)    Take your wire wreath frame and secure the bunches of leaves at regular intervals with florist wire to provide an even base.
3)    Add the clusters of berries, flowers and cones, alternating as you go to give a varied look.
4)    Finally add bows of garden twine or ribbon for the finishing touch.

Your wreath is now ready to take pride of place on your door and offer your visitors a seasonal welcome when they arrive. And once autumn is over you can replace the leaves and flowers with winter foliage such as holly and fir so that you can reuse the wreath for the Christmas season.