Homemade costumes

Children are amazing at being creative with everyday items, particularly when it comes to dressing up. If you’re looking for inspiration for simple and inexpensive costume ideas you can make at home, then read on.  

King Arthur: There is nothing easier than recycling cardboard boxes and kitchen rolls to make a sword, shield, helmet and wall for children to defend with honour. 

Sun and rain: Superglue polyester padding (which you can find in any crafts store) onto two wide-brimmed plastic hats to make the base of your clouds. For the rain, pierce holes in the hat and thread blue woollen drops through, knotting tightly at the top. For the sun, cut a piece of red cardboard into a semicircle and staple on triangles of yellow cardboard to make the sun’s rays and attach to the padding. 

Lego blocks: Take a large cardboard box, stand it on its end and cut a circle in the top to make a hole for the head. Cut circles on the sides to make room for the arms, and remove the bottom with a knife to make space for the body. Now superglue eight plastic cups on the front side of the box - try to do it symmetrically just like a piece of Lego. Once the glue is dried, spray the entire box with a bright colour, such as red, and leave to dry. 

Astronaut or diver: Cover two large plastic bottles with paper scotch tape to make the paint adhere better and paint in your favourite colour.  Glue the bottles next to each other with a hot glue gun, then fix a strip of black elastic band to each bottle, gluing one end of the strip at the top of the bottle and the other at the bottom to make the straps your children will use to wear the diving tanks.  If dressing up like an astronaut, glue some pieces of red and orange tissue paper at the bottom end of the bottle: you are clear for take-off!
Ninja turtle: And what if you have an aluminum tray? It can become the shell of a ninja turtle! Just colour it green, combine with the inevitable bandana and face paint and voila! 
Don’t forget to be extra careful and to keep a close eye on the kids if you’re working with sharp objects or hot glue!