Clean everything in a Blitz!

Everyone’s heard of the classic spring clean. But an underrated time of the year for cleaning is the summer.  Warmer weather, faster drying, windows open and a fresh breeze blowing the dust away. The nights are long and bright, and a good summer tune helps the time go fast. Here are some of our tips for taking advantage of the summer to get on top of that cleaning list.

- What better time is there than summer to wash the curtains? Wait for a warm day to wash and then hang straight back onto the windows. The clean scent will refresh your household, and by drying straight there’s no need for ironing!

- This is the time to wash the mats. Car mats, door mats, even small rugs. They will dry quickly on the line and give you peace to know the mud and dirt accumulated over the winter is washed away.

- With a dry spell, take the opportunity to clean those watermarks away from the windows. You’ll thank yourself once you can see the sun rays clearly again. Use a window spray and wipe away with Regina Blitz for best results.

- Fancy lounging about in the deck chair? It is summer after all. Give it a good dust in the open air and run some linseed oil together with two drops of sweet orange essential oil over the wood then gently wipe with a sheet of Regina Blitz. This home treatment will have your outdoor furniture looking brand new in no time.

- Frosty freezer and fridge? If you’re travelling abroad this summer then plan ahead and ensure to eat all the food before you leave. Disconnect the plug (saving energy at the same time), and let it naturally defrost whilst you’re away – the easiest fix of the year!
- Reorganise the pantry. During the cold months, stocks of food accumulate and sometimes get pushed to the back and forgotten about. To clean the surfaces: mix a few drops of lemon with some vinegar and a drop or two of citronella essential oil and gently wipe with a sheet of Regina Blitz. Just a few minutes and its ready for another year.