Surfing to clean the Ocean: 4Ocean

Cleaning up the environment has become our no.1 priority. We hear a lot in the news about the impact a population of almost 8 billion people is having on the planet: global warming, the greenhouse effect, plastic in the oceans and the loss of biodiversity.

Making changes to our lifestyle, even small ones, can have a significant impact. Small gestures can make a massive difference and positive initiatives that come from the heart can trigger further positive actions in others, leading to lasting change.

One small gesture which is easy for anyone to make is to buy and wear a 4Ocean bracelet. 4Ocean was started by two American surfers, Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze, who were horrified by the volume of plastic in the ocean on a trip to Bali, Indonesia and were inspired to bring about change.

In 2017, the two friends pledged to clean the ocean one pound at a time. Each recycled $20 bracelet which is sold, funds the removal of one pound of plastic from the oceans and in less than two years the project has funded the removal of 4,165,923 pounds from the ocean and shoreline. 

To purchase your own 4Ocean bracelet, simply visit and take a step towards a cleaner world and a healthier life, for you and for everyone.