Take a step towards happy feet!

When it comes to our daily hygiene habits it’s easy to neglect our feet as they are so often hidden away in socks, shoes and slippers. But when you consider how much time we spend on our feet every day, they really should be at the top of our priority list.

As the weather gets warmer, hot and sweaty feet can become an issue, causing bacteria to multiply more than usual making the feet smell less than fresh! If this sounds familiar there are a number of things you can try to keep your feet sweet:

•    Wash feet thoroughly using warm water and natural substances such as salt, vinegar, sage, baking soda or essential oils. Choosing oil like tea tree with antibacterial benefits is ideal.
•    Dry feet carefully, especially between the toes as bacteria prefer a moist environment. You can use a piece of Regina Blitz kitchen roll to thread in between the toes and leave for a few minutes to make sure they are completely dry.
•    Wash shoe insoles once every two months or more frequently if you use them every day or spend a lot of time walking.
•    Wear shoes that are the right size to prevent any unnecessary friction.
•    Choose a fresh pair of socks every day, ideally ones which are made of natural fibres such as cotton or bamboo.
•    If your feet have become hot and swollen during the day, cool them down by submerging in a foot bath of cold water with soothing peppermint oil or Epsom salts to help combat inflammation.
•    Use talcum powder, cornstarch powder or a pinch of baking powder in shoes to absorb excess sweat.
•    Try not to wear the same shoes on consecutive days to give them a chance to air.
•    And last but not least, go barefoot! Whenever it’s safe to do so, set your feet free and let them breathe.