Spring cleaning can be done in the autumn too!

The end of the summer is the perfect time to give the house a deep clean. After months of having the windows and doors wide open and the house full of fresh air, the shorter days and cooler evenings make us want to shut up shop, and it’s much nicer to do that with a clean house!

Work from the top to the bottom so that any dust or dirt disturbed high up will fall to the floor, ready to be cleared up at the end.

  • Collect hair from a dry floor by vacuuming, sweeping or wiping with a paper towel first as this will collect more easily. The floor can then be mopped or wiped clean afterwards.
  • When cleaning stainless steel hobs and extractor fans use a paper towel to wipe down at the end for a smear-free finish.
  • Make your windows gleam by buffing with a paper towel after wiping.


And if you have pets here are a few tricks to keep the house a bit cleaner as you go:

  • Keep the cat litter tray and food bowls where there is a tiled floor, if possible, and place on a few pieces of paper towel which will collect any dirt ready to be thrown away.
  • Pet hair can be a nightmare! Stand your four-legged friend on pieces of paper towel before brushing so that the hairs fall to the paper rather than onto the floor. 
  • Wash chew toys regularly and dry with paper towel to stop germs from spreading.


So, now your house is set for the change in weather and ready to welcome visitors as the festive season approaches!